Saturday, 6 July 2013

My 2 year adventure, week 14: Pan grilled halibut with chimichurri and charred vegetable rice

Week 14:
Let's start off by saying when I told my parents that I was making charred vegetable rice my mom said "Hopefully this won't end up more charred than you expected". I made the chimichurri and it was really runny... I don't know why but it kind of flooded the fish... The rice was really good but not even close to enough of it and..... I DIDN"T BURN THE VEGETABLES TO A CRISP!!!!!!!!!!!!! They actually turned out slightly charred. But this was a really good dish and my family gave it an 8/10. It was my first time trying to intentionally burn something and it worked!

See you next time internet! Love Alexa :)

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