Wednesday, 24 July 2013

My 2 year adventure, week 18: Salmon croquettes/ Spanish-style tuna and potato salad

Week 18:
My croquettes went well but once again I bought and un-pin boned fish but to add to that it had the skin on the filet as well. I combined all the ingredients for the croquettes and the dough almost had the texture of ground meat. I made a big mistake though... The recipe says that one of the ingredients in 1/4 cup of mayo, divided. I didn't notice the "divided" part and I put 1/4 of a cup of mayo in instead of 2 tbsp. But that wasn't the mistake. I was able to take the the extra 2 tbsp of mayo out but... I was about to put it in the sauce when my great-aunt said "Hold it! That touched raw fish!!!" I was so lucky that she was there to catch that cause that might not have been the best decision... The croquettes turned out really well though and my family gave them a 9. I think... :) The salad was okay, I guess. I don't know something about the flavor was too much. Maybe the red wine vinegar. My great-aunt was a giant help today with prep. I'm pretty sure my family gave the dish an 8. 

See you next time internet! Love, Alexa :)    

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